Wednesday, July 15, 2009

No one likes paying higher sewer rates

Even if the proposed wastewater rate increase for Lodi is adopted tonight, residential rates still compare favorably with other cities in the region.

The monthly rate for a three-bedroom residence is currently $27.74, with the first-year 25-percent increase raising that to $34.68.

Take a look to the north, where Galt currently charges $51.87 for residential sewer service. To the south, residents in Lathrop pay $39.10, Manteca charges $39.50 and Tracy $31.

Over the Altamont, residents in Livermore pay $40.75 a month.

But the people really feeling the pain of the heightened environmental regulations are down Highway 12 in Rio Vista. That city just raised monthly sewer rates to $58.84 for those residents who aren't living in the newest developments. In five years they'll be paying $84.37. Here's a recent newspaper story on their situation.

Residents in other cities in our region are paying less, of course, but that is expected to change as their wastewater operating permits expire and come up for renewal. State regulators are placing greater focus on the salinity and other constituents of surface water and land discharges than in the past.

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