Thursday, August 27, 2009

7th Annual Coastal Cleanup at Lodi Lake- Sept. 19

Where does a cigarette butt end up that has been flicked out onto a City of Lodi street or alongside the Mokelumne River at Lodi Lake Park? Hmmm, maybe a waterway.

You probably have seen the clever posters for this event, but the reason for the event is clear: stormwater runoff can pollute our beaches, rivers and other waterways. Come join the local effort at Lodi Lake Park to do a little housekeeping before the winter rains return.

Lodi's California's Coastal Cleanup is gearing up for 9 a.m. to noon on Saturday, Sept. 19, at Lodi Lake Park. This event is fun for the family, friends, scout groups, fellow workers or just going it alone. You'll make new friends!

People interested should show up at the lake by about 8:45 am, wearing work clothes and covered shoes, with your signed liability release form in hand. The forms are available in English and Spanish from this City of Lodi press release.

Be ready to divide into teams which then clean an area of the lake. Teams then assemble back at the lake front and sort and count garbage. Yup! It's gross, but very interesting. We'll have a contest for the most interesting item found for the day and submit the entry to the State organizers for the statewide competition.

Lodi has won TWICE in the seven years we have participated. The first year we cleaned the lake, a student found an unscratched lottery ticket; the second winner was last year -- a Gucchi purse doubling as a crawdad hideout.

If you'd like to help lead a team, just work, or sponsor the event, contact me. We'd like to serve coffee and breakfast goodies and, of course, water. T-shirts will be given to all workers who complete the day, until supplies run out. So come early and join the best community service event in Lodi. Teachers may want to check out the Cailfornia Coastal Commission's website for great teaching ideas connected with the cleanup.

Please contact me if you'd like to help. My contact information is available on the City press release.

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