Thursday, October 15, 2009

Downtown Summit tomorrow

You probably know Lodi has a downtown that other cities have used as a model for downtown revitalization. The California Planning and Development Report named Lodi's downtown of the top three small-town downtowns in the Central Valley.
Now, 12 years after the City invested millions of dollars to bring new life to downtown, property and business owners will join other interested residents in discussing the business district's future in what's being called a "downtown summit" at 7 a.m. Friday at Hutchins Street Square.

The event features three guest speakers, one of whom (Michael Freedman) is the architect behind downtown Lodi's current design. We'll also reveal the results of a survey of downtown property and business owners, and a survey of visitors about what they see in downtown and what they think it needs to reach a higher level. In some results, downtown shoppers and business/property owners have opposite views of what they see as challenges.

We'll digest the information, and give summit attendees a chance to discuss priorities for downtown's next phase. When and what that is, who knows? But at least it will give the City a framework for enhancing downtown Lodi in the future.

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